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Is New Thought For You?

  • Do you ever wonder what life is about?
  • Do you feel that life is happening TO you rather than FROM you?
  • Do you long for a sense of security or a spiritual connection that puts you at ease

It would be nice if we were all born with an instruction manual, but life seems to be more about discovery. Unfortunately, a lot of what we’ve been taught has been based on experiences of others that doesn’t really work.

Light Up Your Life

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a philosophy of life that helps you make sense of it all, and practices that lead you toward something better?

New Thought offers a positive and optimistic way of life. You will discover that your life has always been a reflection of the way you think, and you will learn to tune in to the limitless creative nature of your own mind so you can have more positive experiences.

If the idea of being master of your experience appeals to you, we invite you to explore the many inspirational resources we offer here.

Start Your Own Group

It’s possible you will become so excited about what you learn here that you’ll want to share it.

So do it! Invite some friends over. Play a video or listen to an audio, and explore the concepts together.

Discuss how to apply these ideas to your life or commit to some activity or practice you will each do this week to make personal improvements.

You might even ask for a love offering.

Welcome To New Thought Global Network

Welcome to New Thought Global Network.  My name is Marla Sanderson, and I am an ordained minister with Centers For Spiritual Living, where we teach the Science of Mind and Spirit.  Here you’ll find inspirational videos and audios of talks by some of New Thought’s favorite speakers. You’ll also find great articles, inspirational practices, and more.

The information offered here will help you get in touch with the Power for Good in your life and how to direct it for health, harmony, happiness, prosperity, and any other good thing you can imagine. Spend some time involving yourself in this empowering philosophy and watch your world open up.

Rev. Marla Sanderson